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Recorded and mixed by the Tar Halos.


released November 24, 2012

Frank Melendez - Guitars and vocals (drums)
Jay Margart - Keys and vocals (drums)
Josh Bohannon - Guitar (drums)
Joshua Quon - Bass (drums)

Brandon Relf - drums on tracks 4 and 5.



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TAR HALOS San Diego, California

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Track Name: Broken Clocks
No time for you and speed,
geeked-out, lookin' for weed.
7 and your clock is broke and it's time, isn't it?
You're tied. You're fried.
There are lies in your eyes.
Crooked look and you want to see.
Then again, you don't want to see.
Dancing in your own shit and it's time, isn't it?
You're tied. You're fried.
There are lies in your eyes.
You're smeared. Look in the mirror.
You're like a dancing corpse and two tears.
You got dry bone.
You got dead phone.
You got pick sore,
getting in line for more.
Broke bank and broke ass.
Lie! Lie! Broke tongue.
Broken clock and dead last.
You're left all alone.
Track Name: Full Moon Dust
Twisting through the night's energies like the rights of passage.
Molding and unfolding my mind in linear time-slip.
Offering a left hand slow and the wind blows cold now.
This spark of love ignites and a light beam shines and time stops.
Floating on course (as if on) in automatic-fashion-sequence.
Phase swifts upwardly. My heart kisses the sun.
Dying to yesterdays in an infinite moment.
An old photo reminds me that I've taken two steps forward and one step back.
I'm here not now, but right now. I'm realized in my body now. There is no time now. There is only now.
Track Name: Sideways Chain
Feel the winds of change blowing. Turn the pages so slowly. Coming sideways without you knowing. Creeping train. Sleeping chain. What the fuck? Where'd you go?
Track Name: Arrival of the Second Center Moon
Second center moon arrives and the arc-rule holds.
Intention is nursed to dial just how to track the glass eye.
Feather falls slowly now. Lever stays poised and still.
Exacting to move with gentle steps. Human arm (at one end) signals.

Now Earth years hold hours and days, the pull of mourn will follow.
Miles of time intertwine. We learn to use fire.
Came to rely on beasts of burden and found a new language now.
shamanic gestures manifest, surrounded with melting eyes.

At one and the same place, we need to know the air.
Compass needle changes. Compare it to the moon.
Track Name: Dirty White
She's dressed and stacked.
Around her neck a dirty old mink.
She's standing in the back.
Head down sippin' on a drink.
I walk on over really slow.
Eyes lock temporarily.
I don't stop. I don't wait.
In her face and all up in her space.
Dirty little white girl. Kind-a-wants-to-fight-girl.
She's got an attitude. She's not in the mood.
She says I'm being rude when I tell her,"Baby, let's get nude."
Dirty little white. Kind of wants to fight.
You're out of sight, girl.
Let's hit the lights girl.
Track Name: Bad Time Wizard
You and I and we're we. We are we. Daggers rollin' off my back.
Fixin' on a good vibe, yeah. Yeah! Shuffling on down to the river.
Come on!
Hope you don't catch him at a bad time. He's the Bad Time Wizard.
Come on, Bad Time Wizard.We've got gifts from Billy and Stan. We got gifts.Come on! We got gifts from the camel.
daggers rolling off my back. Hope I don't catch him at a bad time.
Bad Time Wizard.
Fixin' on a good vibe, yeah.
Come on.
Daggers rollin' off my back.
Off of my back.
Come on!
Come on, Bad Time Wizard.