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released September 21, 2012

All songs written and recorded by Tar Halos between 2010 and 2012.



all rights reserved


TAR HALOS San Diego, California

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Track Name: Brother's Keeper
(Lyrics by Frank Melendez)

It's quite a mystery how she's put her hooks in me.
She likes the way she looks. I like the way she's wired.
Quick chains and bad blood. Golden light plume dose.
Words and I'll build a shrine or maybe retard brainchild.

Quite a mystery how she's put her hooks in me.
She likes the way looks I like the way she's wired.
And I dig her curves. She's getting on my nerves.
Snake in those eyes. Fire in those lies.

Quick chains and bad blood. Golden light plume dose.
Brother's keeper says,"Don't get deeper."

I'll be there to pick him up when he falls.
Picking up the pieces when he falls.
I will help him up when and if he falls.
Trying to warn him of the possibilities.
There's always a chance that you'll fall.
Vulnerable and, again, you might fall.
Track Name: 2/3 Here, Friend
(Lyrics by Frank Melendez and Leon Franklin Hyatt (Rip))

I've gone and lost my mind.

Casting out a poor lure is all I can come up with here.
Winged beasts brought shackles and all I've got is two smokes left.
I'm miles away standing just next to you.
Breathe deep in pale blue.
my only friend is that cockroach there.

My eyes look to you and straight into a dark room.
Shades on. It's cool.
Lounging in a cesspool, Baby.
Slip into my exit stride, an easy mark from here to there.
Breathe deep in pale blue.
I'll step into the space limousine.

Well, I fell out and in deep (into a cold, deep sleep).
Posted hard against the wall, won't you laugh and make me smile?

I fell out and in deep (into a cold, deep sleep).
Seems I've been here before. Seems like I'll be forever more.

Walking alongside a dead river, no shoes, no shirt, no hope.
Black sky, black soul. Wind whispers, but not so clearly.
Walking alongside a dead river, I'm dreaming that I'm not dreaming.
Not here, and I am not there. Wind whispers and demons hover.
Track Name: Transplant Fuck-off
(Lyrics by Frank Melendez)

People implored in busy, threatened mourn.
Attacks on thee, itself. Shed our limit reason.
Flipped up, young and dumb.
Sad and mad and then some.
Mama said you'd heal. Choke chains and got you on film.

Another bread with under. Code them for one flavor.
Neighbor has new density. Neighbor has new destiny.
It's an image, remarked. The family in the church, plus other frames.


I don't give a fuck what you say.
I don't wanna hear that. Oh yeah!
I don't care about what you want.
Turn you off now. Oh Yeah!
Track Name: Now Its Psychic
(Lyrics by Frank Melendez)

All day long.
Pick a topic. Top my brain now.
Pull a string now. Hear me sing now.
Ooh! And I like it, closer to me now.
Closer to me and now its psychic.

Here I am now.
Slide on over. Sit down.
Bullet! Bullet! Here's a bullet, Baby.
Peel me! Peel me back slow.
Open up a can of worm like sherm.

If I could....
..open up this locked door....
..shoot this pill (and its real)...
..seek to peek. Oh! Now learn!
Closer to me and now its psychic.

Here we are now.
Here we are and we are here.
taste this blood that's oozing from me.
Nothing to fear now. Its an offering to you.
Nothing to fear now. If he could, he would not burn you.

Peel me back slow, up from the floor.
Open a door. I'm open like book.
Track Name: All I Need
(Lyrics by Jay Margart and Frank Melendez)

She's my glitterpants girl.
She's the queen in my glitterpants world.
Jump in the car like autopilot robot.
Burnin' down your world like a motherfuckin' riot.

All I need is my little mama and this sack of weed.

Big booty girl shakin' that meat.
Platform flip-flop flappin' down the street.
Got a lot of makeup - cover up the pimple.
Tube top down - silver dollar nipple.

Five dollar bill, its enough to mine.
Doin' it right. Gonna have a good time.

All I need is $5.99 half-pint Jim Beam.
All I need is my little mama and this sack of weed.
Track Name: Half-hot Goth Girl
(Lyrics by Margart, Quon, Bohannon, and Melendez)

She pulls up in a Corolla.
She's hot, but not that hot.
She remembers the renaissance fair, misses it all, but tries not to care.

Parking lot Sangria and some pills. she's got LSD. She's got E.
Trying really hard not to give a shit. Clove cigarette in her cold, bit lip.

Half-assed shake on the dance floor.
Shiny Corfram boots hurt tight.
Blister burns. Blister burst. These shiny, pointy boots are cursed.
No mate and a wallflower state.
Another corset pass-out.
Hate fuck. She wants a hate fuck.
Muffin top, mini skirt, and a gut.
Track Name: 7 In The Dark
(Lyrics by Frank Melendez)

Hey, man. Hey, brother. Its me again.
Remember me, friend?
Lately, man, its all so clear. I have been here, yesterday.
And I know we've walked so long in tears and in smiles.
You and we've walked miles.
Hey, now! Don't go "there" alone.
On second thought, its the only way and
you'll run and you'll hide deep inside the walls of shame.
Your armor thick. Your soul so sick.
Your blood in my blood.
You are blood in my blood.